Are you looking for a cool Gilbert pool design, but your small yard is an obstacle? Contrary to common belief, you can install a premium-quality pool in any backyard! Even the smallest ones. All you need is a bit of creativity and a trusted contractor. 

Finding the perfect design is not impossible. It might be difficult at first, but once you get a few ideas, you’ll have part of the road ready. 

Let’s take a closer look at the best recommendations and ideas to enhance your small yard experience with a gorgeous swimming pool.

Swimming pool in a small yard

Ideas To Enhance Your Small Yard Experience With a Swimming Pool

Get Creative!

Installing a high-quality pool in your backyard is a great way to improve your health and everyday life. But what happens if your backyard is small? That’s where creativity becomes your best partner! 

Creativity is crucial when choosing the best pool design for a small yard. Even a small backyard has enough space for a modern swimming pool. You don’t have to give up on your dream of having a cool poolside on your side while drinking a glass of wine! You only need creativity and a reliable pool contractor! 

A modern backyard design featuring square stone tiles interspersed with strips of artificial grass. On one side is a raised rectangular water feature with decorative tile sides. Tall trees border the area, and a brown privacy wall is in the background.

The Spool Can Be Your Savior

It makes sense to search for different pool possibilities, even with a small backyard. Instead of doing it all yourself, you can contact a  Paradise Valley pool contractor to get better help.

But before calling the expert, we can give you an idea that continues to increase its popularity to this day: the popular spool.

Spools combine the elements of a swimming pool with those of a spa or hot tub- It is one modern pool concept for your little backyard.

Spools are becoming more and more common for houses with small backyards. For individuals who prefer the advantages of a water feature without a full-size pool, these are also excellent solutions. 

A rectangular swimming pool bordered by multicolored stone tiles, adjacent to a house with solar panels on its roof, and complemented by rocks and green plants in the background.

Consider Creating a Custom-Shaped Pool Design

If you look at your backyard and feel like there isn’t enough space, it’s probably because you are picturing a typical pool shape. You don’t have to have a square, kidney-shaped, or oval pool. You can make it whatever you want.

Backyards with odd shapes are common. You can create a highly efficient pool if you use the available area without thinking about the usual shape.

The key with custom-made pools is the maintenance and proper installation. 

Check Out The Narrow & Long Pools

Who claimed that swimming pools must resemble a square or an oval as closely as possible? If you have a small backyard, consider a long and narrow pool with your San Tan Valley pool contractor.

Actually, these swimming areas are more entertaining than squares or kidney forms. They enable you to swim farther, which is great for your exercise requirements.

Keep The Focus In Mind

Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to hide the pool away in a backyard corner. They claim that such zoning expands the appearance of their little backyard. In reality, installing a pool in the center of your backyard might be a great architectural choice.

The focal point of your property is a pool. There is no reason to keep it a secret. Your backyard can become a peaceful haven with a well-planned pool, which makes it simpler to plan the rest of the design around.

Experiment With The Color

You can experiment with colors to make your pool stand out in your backyard and draw attention away from its size. Consider using dark brown or black tiles instead of the standard blue and white ones.

A dark color around your pool might give the impression that it is deeper and larger. This optical illusion may make your entire backyard appear fashionable in addition to increasing the perceived size of your pool.

Dark pools are enticing, elegant, and uncommon. Consider this idea with your Scottsdale pool contractor.

A backyard with a blue-lit swimming pool featuring a cascading waterfall. Adjacent to the pool is a seating area with cushioned chairs and a fire pit table. A large fire bowl stands elevated on a stone pillar. Beyond a metal fence, trees and an open grassy area can be seen.

Add Fun Pool Features

Just because your pool is small doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the advantages. Regardless of the size of your pool, you may add a variety of elements to change your pool experience.

Pools make an inviting outdoor environment for spending time with the family, working out, or just unwinding. Spools and other miniature backyard swimming pools are the same. They can add value to a small yard and inspire you to use your creativity when designing them. 

You’re free to use exciting lighting, water jets, and more.

Think Of A Sports Oasis

Installing a backyard spool can turn a tiny area that may not have provided much opportunity for exercise into a hive of activity.

Yoga or stationary riding at home can be simply followed by a post-recovery soak. 

With a small backyard pool, you can do water aerobics in the morning, warm up your muscles afterward, and spend the evening with friends in the hot tub or by the pool.

Even though regular pools can also provide these alternatives, a spa pool may be more cost-effective.

Talk To A Pool Contractor For More Pool Designs for Small Yards

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