Simple Tips To Transform The Looks Of Your Pool Into An Oasis

Design Ideas To Create The Pool Of Your Dreams

A pool can be a great addition to your home, providing you and your family with fun and relaxation while also increasing the value of your property. However, pools can be expensive to maintain, making it easy to turn them into a nuisance rather than a paradise.

To avoid that situation, we recommend you read the five tips below. These tips will help you turn your pool into a home oasis effortlessly. Plus, they will help you get ready for your pool project before contacting your trusted Gilbert swimming pool contractors.

Design Ideas To Create The Pool Of Your Dreams

What Is The Best Shape & Size For My Backyard?

Before getting down to business, you have to choose the best pool design for your backyard. There are no limits to this! You can choose traditional shapes, irregular shapes, modern, sharp, etc. 

Think about the space, the use you will give to the pool, and your design preferences. If you want to use the pool area for a specific purpose, such as exercise, lap pools will be great. On the contrary, if you prefer a peaceful and relaxing area, an infinity pool may be your best choice. If you want a mix of everything, maybe you can think of a custom-built pool. 

Don’t forget to learn about local regulations and neighborhood rules to start the project successfully. With that in mind, you will be ready to choose any design, including:

  • Kidney-shaped
  • L-shaped
  • Rectangular
  • Oval 
  • Round

And the list goes on! 

Improve Landscaping To Turn Your Pool Into a Paradise

Landscaping is crucial to enhance the look of your pool. This landscaping will vary depending on the place you live in. It is a delicate topic, so you may want to contact landscape contractors in Queen Creek before getting started. 

The flowers that naturally flourish in your area, the trees, the climate, and all types of plants will impact your landscaping.

Rain, sun, and even snow can limit some possibilities, but at the same time, they can also make things a lot better in the pool area. For example, many places in Arizona are known for their sunny days, so your pool area will look incredibly shiny and tempting almost every day.

Add colorful blooming flowers, palms, ferns, and even succulents in the area to make it look fancy. You can also add boulders around the pool’s edge. 

Add Water Features

Feel free to add water features like bubblers, flowing fountains, or even cascading waterfalls. They give a great sense of peace and beauty to any backyard pool. If you incorporate the ornamental fountains with the landscaping, you will create a paradise area.

Jet features are also amazing when infused with LED lighting, especially at night. You can add automated LED systems to change colors, heights, movements, and pre-set cycles remotely. It can be a great addition to fun nights!

There are no limits to water features! But if you have doubts, always contact Queen Creek pool contractors to get professional help.

Add a Deck If You Have An Above-Ground Pool

You can also add a deck to your above-ground or half-sunken pool! It will make it easier to navigate in and out of the water and enjoy other activities. Surrounding your pool with a deck can make it look more appealing too.

Surrounding decks in above-ground pools allow owners to easily include safety features like railings and steps. They also simplify evening-out sloped surfaces without extreme alterations. In other words, surrounding decks can make you save a lot of money on landscaping costs and pool fencing.

A professional contractor can craft water-resistant pre-treated wood decks or slip-resistant composite decks. The latter is made from ecological materials, but both options have almost the same number of design options. 

You can complement the decking with wraparounds of stones. These stones will blend into the surroundings more beautifully while making other visual items pop. 

If you prefer a simple deck, you might be able to work on a DIY pool deck installation with a few items and tools. However, you may also need construction skills. If you don’t have any knowledge about backyard pools, better omit the DIY project.

Contact Landscape Contractors In Queen Creek

The best thing you can do to have the pool of your dreams is to contact professional services. At nuView Pools & Landscapes we will be glad to help! Our team can turn your vision into a reality thanks to our expertise and knowledge. Contact us now by phone or email to request a quote.


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