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7 Reasons Why You Should Install Custom LED Pool Lighting

Custom lighting is an increasingly popular option for swimming pool designs. The right lighting serves practical and safety functions by making your pool area more visible and preventing slips on wet concrete. The wide variety of colors and designs available enables lighting to add personality aesthetics, and mood to your pool area.

Until recently, pool designers used halogen light bulbs and white incandescent light around swimming pool areas. Although many people don’t think of lighting when designing a custom pool, a well-designed lighting system is actually one of the best ways to add visual interest to your pool.

Along with the stunning effect of the pool itself and the surrounding landscape, you may wish to add around it. In more recent years, LED lighting has become the preferred lighting system in swimming pool design because it has a larger range of benefits to your pool area, while also offering the advantages of reduced energy usage and financial savings. Check out these reasons to consider adding custom LEDs to your swimming pool design.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights add a higher upfront cost to pool installations than incandescent and halogen lights do. However, LEDs are much more energy efficient. This means that using LEDs will enable you to significantly save on your energy bills in the long term.

Low Maintenance

LED fixtures usually require fewer replacement bulbs, so you’ll get to spend more time enjoying your swimming pool and less time maintaining your pool lighting. The lamps included in LED fixtures contain diodes that last up to 20 times longer than the delicate filaments in a glass light bulb. This means 20 fewer bulb changes per fixture and a whole lot less hassle.


LED bulbs generally last for at least 20,000 hours and don’t heat up much when they are lit. This will save you tremendously on energy costs. Add LEDs to your Queen Creek pool installation if you’re looking for a very long-lasting lighting option.

Set the Mood

One of the most exciting reasons to add LEDs to your Queen Creek swimming pool construction is the way they accentuate your swimming pool, especially in the evening hours. Since LEDs are controlled by electricity, you can easily adjust your lighting to fit different moods or seasons, adding beauty, fun, or allurement to your backyard. Try using softer lights or more vibrant colors to reflect the mood of an event.

Digital Control and Multiple Visual Effects

LED lights are able to operate in wide shades of different colors so you can choose what you like and what works well with your Queen Creek landscape construction. You’ll also have the option of streaming different colors together to create strobe, rainbow, or timed color effects. Your swimming pool designer can work with you to perfectly position the lighting for safety and to highlight the stunning areas of your pool environment, such as the spas, jets, fountains, steps, waterfalls, baja shelves, bubbles, unique trees, or whatever other creative elements you choose to add to your pool.

Increased Poolside Visibility and Safety

Many people appreciate adding LED lights to their pool, spa, or backyard patio for the benefit of increased safety. You’ll want to provide sufficient illumination to your pool environment for night swimming or while entertaining guests. Custom lighting that has been well-designed and placed within your pool design will highlight transitions in your backyard in hard to spot areas, such as between stairs, around walkways, and inside pools and decks. Underwater lighting makes night swimming safer and more enjoyable, and allows you to more carefully monitor children or pets who might be in and around your swimming pool.

Expand the Usage of Your Swimming Pool

When your pool builders add LED lighting to your pool, you’ll enjoy the ways you can maximize the usage of your swimming pool. Night swimming is not only fun and relaxing, but gives you a unique opportunity to exercise without getting in the way of your daytime schedule. It’s also fun to invite guests to share your pool in the evening hours. You can use different tones of ambient lighting to provide a relaxing or upbeat atmosphere.

LED lighting is the new standard in swimming pool construction and there are a lot of reasons to consider including it in your build. Set the mood for fun or relaxation, and properly illuminate your backyard for safety around your swimming pool. Custom pool lighting is practical and aesthetically pleasing, and well worth the investment!

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