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Remodeling Ideas For Your Swimming Pool: Where To Start

Have your eyes set on a swimming pool remodel but aren’t sure where to start? You’re not alone, and we’re here to help. Our Arizona pool remodeling contractors listed five of their favorite swimming pool remodel ideas to inspire your remodel.

Sometimes renovating your swimming pool is about making small changes. Other times it’s about complete transformation. But whatever the case, the result should be not only beautiful but also functional.

With that said, check below the top 5 pool remodel ideas.

LED Lights For Wonderful Nights

Who said pools are made for summer and sunny days? Swimming beneath the stars can be relaxing too, and with underwater LED lights the night will be your favorite time.

LED lights help you match your pool’s mood to your mood. Besides, they are energy-efficient and have enough lumens to brighten deep pool areas. You can install smart controllers to customize the color and intensity.

You can research on the Internet to find trustworthy companies and install your LED lights. It is a pool remodel idea worth the price and effort!

Beautiful Rockface Waterfalls

Have you thought about adding a little movement to your pool? That might be all you need to give your outdoors a fresh vibe. Static water gives a feeling of stagnation to some people, which is why moving water may be the best solution.

Pool remodelers are often including waterfalls and fountains in their designs. Many homeowners request them because moving water is the perfect idea to make your swimming pool unique.

You can choose rockface waterfalls to make your water flow gracefully, or you can opt for fountains if you prefer something more traditional. We recommend waterfalls to keep a nice calm water cycle, but the final choice is yours.

Sophisticated Stone Decking

The most appearance-wise backyard renovation project is replacing your decking. Some homeowners ignore pool decking, but upgraded decking can completely change your swimming pool’s look.

A custom stone deck is a change worth jumping up because it can turn your pool into something elegant yet cozy. Additionally, your options for stone type and style are almost endless!

Depending on the type of pool and backyard, the stonework can go around the pool or may just cope around the borders. The last option is less expensive but more practical.

You can use numerous websites to find inspiration and get an idea of what stone decking you want. As we mentioned before, your options are virtually endless, so feel free to check for different ideas before calling your pool designer.

Modern Pool Pavers Decking

Your trusted landscape contractors may also recommend using pool pavers decking.

These are another excellent decking option if you want an alternative to natural stone. You will be amazed by the material options, as they are almost as endless as natural stone. Traditional pavers for houndstooth or herringbone patterned walkways are from the past. You can now upgrade your pool’s appearance with modern designs and choose colors from different shades of neutral.

You can even opt for natural patterns like sandstone swirls or flagstone-like finishes. Thanks to their geometric cuts, pavers are the best decking material to have small borders and filled canals, making your outdoor area even more attractive.

Beach-Like Entries

Do you enjoy slowly wading out into your pool? If that is so, a beach entry is probably the feature you are looking for. Also, sloped walkways make the perfect place to partially place a lounge chair for a relaxing moment under the sun.

Beach entries are top-premium renovation projects that go well with other upgrades like new pool decks, waterline tiles, and resurfacing. Plus, they can turn your swimming pool into a perfect summer paradise and avoid going to the beach every weekend. Nothing like having your beach at home!

Find The Best Swimming Pool Designers in Arizona

Whatever you are planning for your pool, nuView Pools & Landscapes has experienced specialists with custom-designed pool remodel ideas for all types of backyard settings. We turn your vision into a reality, working with you every step of the way to bring the perfect backyard for your family. Contact us to have the backyard of your dreams.

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