How To Know It’s Time For a Pool Renovation in Arizona

How To Know It’s Time For a Pool Remodeling

Swimming pools are great places to relax, unwind, socialize, and enjoy fun activities. However, they require constant maintenance, which can involve a lot of money. Over time, old pools become dirty and damaged, causing health problems and even structural damage. The best solution is usually pool remodeling.

You should consider remodeling your existing pool if you don’t want to pay exorbitant prices with frequent repairs. You will likely spend less money on a new design because you won’t have to replace parts. Plus, the pool will look updated and modern. 

With that in mind, here’s a list of seven signs that indicate it’s time to remodel your swimming pool, and contact an Arizona pool remodeler ASAP.

1. Pool Cracks

One of the most common tell-tale signs is cracking in your pool. It indicates your swimming pool already has structural damage that needs immediate care.

It could also indicate your pool needs an easy replacement—it may only need new tiles. 

You will have to check your pool carefully to see the severity and depth of this issue. Keep in mind that this task will be easier with the help of a trained pool expert. Only professionals can accurately determine the real damage and the best course of action. 

2. You Are Constantly Repairing Your Pool

Another tell-tale sign you should consider is frequent repairs. If you’re frequently making DIY repairs, you may already need to remodel your swimming pool.

See if ongoing repairs are more expensive than having a remodel done. Sometimes it’s better to go ahead with a remodel project because it allows you to save money in the long run. Plus, you don’t need to run back and forth from the store.

With a remodel project, you can relax and enjoy your updated pool without an urgent repair you could’ve avoided.

3. Pool Safety Features Issues

Some homeowners think safety is not a top priority in a swimming pool. Nonetheless, many contractors claim that it’s indeed as important as aesthetic features. 

If your pool is +10 years older (or more), it may not have the right level of safety to prevent dangerous situations. Today’s swimming pools have many integrated components to avoid accidents. Some of these safety features include a gate in the pool deck and a large shallow end. 

It’s worth the investment if you want to avoid hazards, especially with small children at home.

4. Your Pool Isn’t Energy Efficient

If your pool isn’t as energy efficient as you’d want, a remodel can help. Nowadays, it’s crucial to have an eco-friendly swimming pool to avoid expensive bills and damage to the environment.

Adding eco-friendly features to your swimming pool will make it more trendy while reducing maintenance fees. If you add ozone sterilization, the price can lower a lot, so think about it. 

5. The Pool’s Surface Is No Longer Soft

Your pool’s surface can suffer erosion due to pH issues and natural wear and tear from water. If your swimming pool’s surface is rough and uncomfortable, it’s time to call a professional for a remodel. 

Surface remodeling includes resurfacing the entire area to make it smooth and comfortable on your feet again. Swimming pool contractors usually scrape the surface to make the area soft to the touch. 

6. Pool Plumbing Issues

If you’ve seen plumbing or filtration issues with your pool, you should consider remodeling. Clogged pipes, leaks, and small cracks are some of the most common problems related to plumbing damage.

Do not leave them unchecked. Otherwise, you could have a high maintenance bill and even permanently damage your swimming pool. 

7. You Are Not Enjoying How Your Pool Looks

If you don’t like how your swimming pool looks, you may need to remodel it now. Feeling embarrassed to let guests use it is another good reason for an upgrade. 

Not wanting to use the pool is one of the most common tell-tale signs that you need to remodel your swimming pool, even if it’s not broken. 

Remodeling your pool can be the final touch you need to improve its aesthetics and make it look new and enjoyable again. 

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