Pool Maintenance in Arizona

How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean & Working Good

Pool maintenance is essential for keeping your pool looking good and working properly. However, most homeowners forget basic procedures for how to maintain a pool. If you want to avoid being part of those homeowners, learning these six basic maintenance will set you on the right path.

As pool builders in Arizona, we’re sharing our top pool maintenance tips that you should consider doing regularly. You’ll also learn how to perform these tasks successfully from our years of experience.

Are you ready to keep your swimming pool clean and healthy? Let’s get started! 

1. Examine The Water Quality

One of the most important pools maintenance tasks is to check the water quality regularly. You can use a pool test kit for that —Remember that pool kits are available at most pool supply stores.

Typically, test kits come with test strips that, when placed in pool water, will change color. These color changes indicate the pH level and the chemical levels of many elements like chlorine and bromine. You must maintain proper chemical levels in your pool to keep the water clean and safe for swimming.

Your pool water should have a pH of around 7.5. This is crucial because unbalanced pH levels can cause a range of maintenance problems for pools, such as increased growth of green algae and equipment corrosion.

You should test your water weekly for the best results.

2. Don’t Forget To Clean The Filter As Many Times As Needed

Cleaning the filter regularly is another important Paradise Valley pool maintenance task. This cleaning should include the removal of dirt, debris, and other pollutants from the water. 

Depending on the type of pool filter, you may need to clean it once a week or once a month. For specific instructions on how to clean your pool filter, consult your owner’s manual.

Keep in mind that pool circulation is essential in pool maintenance. It will be difficult to keep your pool clean if the pool pump isn’t pumping, or the filter isn’t filtering. This is because stagnant water is a breeding ground for algae growth.

3. Empty Collection Baskets

You can find collection baskets inside the skimmer. They are necessary to gather leaves, insects, and other unwanted materials that fall into the pool. You should clean these baskets regularly to keep the filtration system running smoothly. You can easily remove and empty those baskets by hand.

4. Verify The Water Level

Make sure your property complies with pool zoning regulations before you start construction—or even before you set up a consultation. There are no exceptions to the severe maintenance and responsibility requirements that apply to swimming pools in many cities.

5. Scrub & Skim It Up

Aside from checking the water quality and emptying collection baskets, you should also skim and scrub your pool regularly. 

Skimming means using a net to remove leaves, bugs, and other debris from the pool’s surface. Scrubbing is the process of cleaning algae from pool surfaces with a brush. You must complete these tasks as frequently as necessary to keep your pool clean. 

Here’s what you need to keep your pool clean:

  • Net Skimmer
  • Pool Brush
  • Pool Vaccum

You must skim, brush, and vacuum your pool at least once a week. This way you will keep your walls gleaming and debris out of your water. Baking soda paste is an excellent basic scouring cleaner that will not damage delicate tile or a vinyl liner when brushed.

An automatic pool cleaner can drastically reduce pool cleaning time. It will not eliminate the routine skimming and brushing, but it will make both tasks easier, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your pool rather than cleaning it.

A few unconventional additions to your pool can also make cleaning more comfortable. Toss a few tennis balls into your skimmer basket or into the pool to absorb surface oils. Another pool maintenance trick is to use pantyhose to create an extra-fine filter that will catch more contaminants than a skimmer alone.

Remove the pantyhose and tennis balls once they show signs of wear.

6. Hire a Professional To Clean It

Even if you do all of the above pool maintenance tasks regularly, having your pool professionally cleaned at least once a year is a good idea. Pool professionals have the knowledge and experience to clean and maintain pools properly. They also have access to specialized equipment that can help with the job.

At nuView Pools & Landscape, we can guarantee a high-quality service thanks to our professional tools and long experience in cleaning swimming pools. Contact us now to get a quote and make your swimming pool look new again! 

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