Depending where you live, pools are highly popular and enjoyed daily. Whether you already own one and want to spruce it up with a fresh swimming pool design, or you are planning a new Queen Creek swimming pool installation, there are plenty of ideas and trends to pull from when creating your design.

Swimming is shown to be the 4th most popular activity in the United States, with approximately 36% of children between 7 and 17 years old swimming at least 6 times a year (more often if they live in Arizona!), and about 15% of adults swimming that same amount of time. Because of this, it makes sense to invest time and effort into your pool so that using it is an enjoyable experience that leaves you wanting more.

Led Lights in Beautiful Swimming Pool is One of the Design Trends that Arizona Pool Builders Love

If you have been dreaming of sprucing up your existing  pool design, or doing an overhaul of the backyard with Queen Creek landscape services and a new pool installation, summer is the time to begin planning. January tends to be the prime season for pool construction in Queen Creek, so the earlier you can begin formulating a pool plan, the better.

To boost your outside-of-the-box thinking and get those creative juices flowing, here are the top four pool design ideas trending for 2020.

Add Some Built-In Bars & Ledges

The inclusion of built-in sitting areas has quickly grown into one of the most popular design ideas. While swim-up bars or ledges could possibly be added in later, it is best to include them during the initial Gilbert swimming pool construction. Why limit yourself to a simple wrap-around step when you could have a full ledge for relaxing in lounge chairs, or a built-in bar to hang out with friends?

These features are especially popular with people who enjoy entertaining and frequently host gatherings around their pool area. The best part is that bars and ledges are extremely customizable, and your pool contractor serving Gilbert can design them to accommodate your specific needs, desires, and ideas.

Install LED Lighting

Smart lights and LED lighting are another wildly popular trend for swimming pool builders in Queen Creek to use in landscape design and pool construction. The fun part is that LED lighting is available in a variety of colors and can be linked to a remote control for easy adjustment of brightness and color. You can set the ambiance to whatever you choose, to fit your mood or the block party you are hosting in your backyard, all with just the click of a button.

Additionally, smart LED lighting is an extremely affordable and easy way to modernize and sophisticate your pool and Queen Creek landscape installation. If you are on a tight budget, LED lights should be your go-to choice.

Use a Dark Interior Finish

Swimming pool contractors in Gilbert recommend using a dark interior finish inside your pool to give a refreshing, lagoon-like appearance. Not only will it retain heat and help keep heating costs lower, but it will help hide any debris or dirt that may be floating on the surface of the pool. Darker interior colors give a cleaner and more elegant look to any backyard pool, and are an efficient way to dress up an otherwise simple design.

Go Chemical-Free

With all the emphasis on going toxin-free and making healthy choices, chemical-free pools are a trending option. While saltwater pools are not actually 100% chemical-free (they create their own chlorine), they are a much healthier option than a pool requiring external chlorine to be added in order to stay clean. Additionally, saltwater is much better for your skin, hair, and eyes than a chlorine-filled pool, and many owners report their skin feeling softer after a good soak.

Queen Creek pool builders have also seen an increase in fully natural backyard pools that use only plants to clean the water. These setups replicate the process found in nature, where the water is filtered through a “regeneration zone”, where all types of plants grow and live in a symbiotic relationship with the pool. The highlight with these types of pools is that they do not need to be winterized like other types, and they provide a fully natural look that easily flows with any landscape construction near Queen Creek.

Hire a Professional

If you are interested in having a custom pool built for your backyard, or simply need to spruce up your pool experience, contact nuView Pools & Landscape today. We are fully committed to creating your ultimate backyard pool experience with stunning designs and high-quality materials, all at affordable prices. NuView proudly offers a completely free consult with one of our professional Queen Creek landscape contractors and pool design experts, so that we can spend time getting a feel for your ideas, hopes, and personal style. Our #1 goal is to create a pool design that works specifically for you and your needs, while seamlessly incorporating your landscape, budget, and lifestyle into the end result. Call us today at (480) 330-7090 to get started!

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