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Major Tips To Know Before You Start Building Your Pool

Swimming pools are an excellent way to spend time outdoors with family or friends. But before you start building a swimming pool at home, there are some things you should consider.

A swimming pool is also perfect for relaxation, especially during hot summer days. If you’re thinking of adding a swimming pool to your backyard, you might wonder whether you should build a concrete or vinyl pool. Which type of pool is better for you?

Fortunately, a group of swimming pool contractors in Arizona has created this brief guide to help you understand the basics when building a swimming pool.

The “Who” & “What” of Design

You should consider design and shape from the beginning of the purchasing process. The “who” and the “what” are critical factors while building an inground pool or thinking about its shape. Simply put, who will utilize the pool and for what purposes?

A family with young children, an empty nester, or a family that enjoys entertaining are some examples of “who.” The form and shape of the pool will depend on this aspect.

Should it be freeform, geometric, or a combination of the two (one without a typical shape)? The size of the pool will also depend on the “who” and “what”.

Determining who uses the pool most frequently and for what purposes is crucial. Will it be used primarily for sports, relaxation, hanging out, basketball by the pool, or a combination of all? Will customers want it for lap swimming, casual diving, or therapeutic purposes? The pool’s size and design should be largely determined by its intended uses. This is a must when planning!

The Yard Is Another Important Factor

The shape and design of your pool will depend on the yard details. Some yards benefit from specific shapes while others may not. Small, constrained, or irregularly shaped yards don’t work well with rectangular pools.

On the other hand, pools that are free-formed and lack geometrical lines may function extremely well. You may get a good notion of the size, shape, appearance, and feel by looking at what your yard will need. The location of the pool and how close it will be to the house are two more yard elements that might impact the design. Does the yard’s nature show any construction obstacles for a particular pool design? These are all significant elements that influence the style of the pool.

What About Size?

Sometimes people are attracted to the freeform pool just because they like how it looks. Many times, free forms begin as a rectangular box pool. However, when you experiment with radiuses and shape, the square footage and swimming area decrease.

With the free forms, you occasionally need to make the overall size bigger as compensation. You do that to obtain the intrinsic square footage that a geometric design typically provides. Depending on the final Arizona pool design, a 2040 rectangle will be 800 square feet, whereas a 2040 freeform pool may only be 650–750 square feet.

A critical thing to consider is how much practical swimming and usage area will be available based on the shape. Asking about the square footage can give you a true apples-to-apples comparison when comparing pool designs, especially among builders.

Don’t Forget The Zoning Regulations

Make sure your property complies with pool zoning regulations before you start building a swimming pool—or even before you set up a consultation. There are no exceptions to the severe maintenance and responsibility requirements that apply to swimming pools in many cities.

Your Budget

Now that you’ve considered design, regulations, and usage, it’s time to see if your budget will allow you to purchase the pool of your dreams.

A swimming pool can be a great way to unwind, but if the costs are all you can picture when you shut your eyes, it might not be the best choice for you just yet. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of installing a pool in your home with a financial counselor before starting the project.

Landscaping & Lighting

Dynamic jets, underwater lights, and cascading waterfalls may produce the ambiance you want for your swimming pool design. Before you start construction, give the extra features you want for your pool some thought. Just remember that adding them later—or retrofitting—can be untidy, time-consuming, and highly expensive. Plus, they will raise your initial budget.

Proper landscape design can improve the aesthetic pleasure a pool delivers, just like water features, lighting, and other accessories do. To design a lovely—yet practical—green space around your pool, look online for ideas and speak with a landscaping business.


Pools can be a valuable asset when selling your home if they are well-maintained. However, the opposite may be true if improperly built and maintained (a poorly kept pool can decrease your property value). Hire licensed and trained pool technicians to maintain the luster of your pool for many years.

Work With a High-Rated Contractor

Building a swimming pool is no different from any other construction project. Hiring a reputable pool construction company is important if you want your pool to become a popular gathering place for your family and friends.

At nuView Pools & Landscapes, we can design the perfect pool for you. We will be pleased to help you create the perfect spot for your family reunions and parties. Contact us now so you can learn more!


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